DJ Colt Ainsworth

Born and raised in Waco, Texas, Colt Ainsworth ventured all over the country and soaked up musical influences from all genres. Musical talent has run in the family, but he didn’t find his calling until he was a little older. Colt moved to Reno, Nevada after 4 years in the U.S. Air Force where he began DJing in the local country scene. He started with a passion for music and dancing then shortly after he traded the dance floor for the DJ booth, where he continuously applies his personality and drive to bring excitement to the local country scene. Since Colt started he has been eager to grow his following in the country community by bringing different demographics together through mixing genres to elevate the level of excitement. Colt continues to push the envelope by bending the lines of music formats and never accepting the status quo. Hoping to keep moving up and honing his skills, Colt takes advantage of every opportunity to entertain and wants every person in the crowd to enjoy his performance. The name “Colt Ainsworth” will continue to grow in Northern Nevada while the community embraces him more and more every day! And while the demand for Colt’s musical talent becomes more increasingly popular; he remains to be the same humble small town country boy everyone knows and loves!
Colt Ainsworth
DJ Colt

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