DJ Crave

Big things tend to to happen in the little city of Reno, and DJ Crave seems to be a perfect example. It begins way back as a small child that his interest in music would determine his future. It was a daily routine that his father’s large collection of music would blare throughout their home; and of course, this would later influence him to take up lessons in multiple instruments. However; with each instrument, he would eventually get bored of until he came across electronic music; an adrenaline inducing genre that would become the spark to his talent.

Now electronic music wasn’t played by any instrument he had learned. He came to find out that a Disk Jockey was the medium in which that music was projected. At this point of time, there was nothing else he would want to do but to become the source of that adrenaline—that feeling. From there on then, he would discover the multiple tools DJ’s would use, and the different tricks that could be done in order to create something totally different! Not only did he research, and practice (and continues to do so) but he would begin to incorporate all sorts of genres, thus becoming the talented Open Format DJ he is today.

Throughout the years he has had numerous opportunities in such small community.  At the young age of 16 he had already began DJing at multiple bars, and clubs. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. DJ Crave wanted to showcase his skills to his whole town, and eventually the WORLD! And what better way to progress in his career than with the fastest growing group of DJ’s widely known in Northern Nevada; Amplified Entertainment.

Wether he’s spinning at a wedding, winning 1st place at a DJ battle, or Headlining at Reno’s hottest Latin Club Night, Sexy Movimiento; word of his talent, and diverse mixes will continue to prove that DJ Crave may very will be Reno’s next big thing.

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